• The process of excavating rock and soil to expose underground utilities and pipelines
  • Uses pressurized water to agitate the earth, and a powerful vacuum to remove the soil and debris
  • Non-destructive method of excavating which replaces a conventional backhoe and manual digging



  • Safer and faster than traditional excavation methods when operating around sensitive infrastructure
  • Can excavate frozen ground because of onboard water heaters
  • Reduce environmental liability and potential restoration costs



  • Hydrovac trucks feature industry leading technology that completes daylighting projects in one third of the time in comparison to many of our competitors.
  • Our tri-drive hydrovac trucks have a capacity of 8.9m³ of water and 13m³ of debris, allowing us to excavate twice as long in comparison to other units.
  • These trucks have a 30’ boom reach that can go vertically 23’ before needing a remote hose. Debris is pushed out of the holding area, so there is no need to wash the tanks. With disposal taking only minutes, we are back to work in record time .
  • Lonestar took their fleet back to basics–with no air switches and minimal hydraulic lines. Because we have eliminated the problematic areas on our trucks, we have fewer breakdowns. Set-up time is virtually eliminated, because we don’t need to attach hoses or dig tubes, everything is ready to go to work.
  • Between the larger tanks, quick disposal and no set up time we save our clients 2 to 3 hours each day, amounting to a considerable cost savings.
  • Our tandem hydrovac trucks can carry up to 4m³ of water and 7m³ of debris.These units are lighter and more maneuverable in crowded plant situations. They can be outfitted with floatation tires providing access to sites with soft ground.




  • Vacuum pumps are used for the removal and disposal of drilling fluids.
  • Our tri-drive vacuum trucks have a 16m capacityand the tandems can haul 12m of fluid.
  • All of our trucks feature agitators and tire pressure control systems to maximize productivity and ensure the best in field performance.




  • Sump reclamation services utilize a high powered agitation pump and tractor to dispose of sump fluids. This system operates at a greatly reduced cost when compared to traditional sump reclamation practices.
  • We offer alternative sump Reclamation services with the only pump that incorporates fluids and settled solids into a slurry suitable for landspraying. The agitation pump can load a 16m3 vacuum truck in 45 seconds, providing maximum time efficiency and cost savings.
  • Compared to mix/bury/cover for sump reclamation, landspraying is more cost effective due to decreased equipment hours, less required land disturbance, and decreased monitoring expense. Liability issues related to soil settling and slumping are reduced. Approved fluid can be spread on a wide variety of soil without the soil texture required for mix/bury/cover.




  • Lonestar also offers a full range of aluminum shoring from 5’ x 5’ boxes up to 12’ x 12’ boxes. Lite Shield is the leading manufacturer of shoring systems, and their products are engineered to meet all certification requirements.
  • With convenient pick-up and delivery, Lonestar offers a one-window solution to your in-ground maintenance needs.



 Lonestar also offers:

  • Construction services
  • Water trucks
  • Drilling Fluid & Environmental Consulting
  • Complete reclamation services are also available to provided a seamless project management
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