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Investor Relations

Lonestar West Inc. began operations in May 2000, with just one vacuum truck and has since grown to a full-service vacuum and hydrovac services provider in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and the rest of North-America. We have over 100 hydrovac, 30 vacuum and 10 water trucks available in both Canada and the U.S.

The company is listed on the TSX Venture Exchange under the symbol LSI.V

Contact Investor Relations

Delanie Hill
VP Finance / CFO, Lonestar West Inc.

Phone: 403.887.2074
Email: dhill(at)lonestarwest.com



James Horvath
President / CEO, Lonestar West Inc.

Phone: 403.887.2074
Email: jhorvath(at)lonestarwest.com


Markets Served

Oil & Gas industry
  • Tank cleaning
  • Pipeline trenching
  • Facility maintenance
Environmental cleanup
  • Debris removal and cleanouts
Utility Sector
  • Piling & pole hole excavation
Construction industry
  • Shoring and slot trenching
Communication companies
  • Daylighting buried utilities

SEDAR Profile

sedar_logo.gifLonestar West Inc. SEDAR profile


Capital Structure

Shares outstanding 29,158,053
Options 857,762
Warrants 0
Shares Fully Diluted 30,012,815
Insider Holdings 9,500,000